why touch her hair though? Dammit…

Reason number 45-60754280865’11B I won’t go on a mission trip.

I am soooo done

Mission trips make me sick


This baby girl is being treated like a tourist attraction or a wild animal and I am not here for this. This picture says so much about the owner of that white hand.

This photo makes me feel so uncomfortable

this photo makes me fucking angry.and a mission trip? .. yeah, aka colonialism.

Get OUT of our countries with this fucking bullshit, honestly. Missionaries are already fucking so much up in African countries. As a gay Nigerian I LIVE the repercussions of this daily. I’ve been exorcised, had bibles thrown at me, been sent to priests for a “cure”, been given spiritual baths which burn my skin to “wash the devil out of me” you name it. Done by my own family and people at the behest of “our Lord and Savior”. It’s traumatic, and especially hurtful when we understand that general acceptance of same sex love and eroticism and more nuanced, varied understandings of gender were the norm PRIOR to colonization and missionary activity.
And then we have pictures like this to remind us of the OTHER bullshit these missionary fuckers do. They roll up in our countries as “white saviors” and are constantly doing racist bullshit like this. Objectifying us, casting us as “primitive” and in need of being saved from ourselves and our “heathen” ways. Let’s not even start on the rampant sexual abuses priests committed against Africans across the continent. The ways in which they destroyed and suppressed our cultures. Made us hate ourselves to the point that today we call our own grandfathers and grandmothers with traditional beliefs “despicable heathens” and Satanists. Where they have so warped our cultures, identities and understanding of self, to fit THEIR white colonial mold.
We forget that missionaries came as colonizers first and foremost, and in many cases caused far more egregious and long lasting damage than the colonial administrators themselves. And they are still doing it today. Look at the rise of Christian fundamentalism in Africa in the last 30 years and you will see a direct correlation with a rise in hate and animus against same sex loving and trans people in many African countries. Watch the movie “God Loves Uganda” if you don’t believe me: the legacy and impact of missionaries on Africa is DAMNING and is getting WORSE, especially for those of us who identify as LGBTQ.
It makes me sick. This picture makes me sick. Missionaries make me sick. What they have done to our cultures and communities and traditions makes me sick. Their racism cloaked with a smile and their “good Book” makes me sick. The fact that they think that they’re “doing good” while they’re just reproducing white supremacist patriarchal colonial structures of control, domination and subjugation makes me sick. They don’t see us as full people, but as spectacles for their white gaze, as this picture makes so bitingly clear, and they don’t give a damn as long as they make their God “happy”
You have caused so much pain in my life and that of many of my friends. It hurts.
GET THE FUCK OUT OF AFRICA (or wherever this pic was taken) AND LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!!!!
And a big fuck you to all of the people doing mission “service trips” to ~*aFRicA*~ too. 
I’m utterly and completely done.








1. Frankenweenie (2012)2. Corpse Bride (2005)3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) 


I’ve been cheated my whole life.

"Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Not necessarily in that order." - Tim Burton.


Wait… What?!





queer teenage girls have to look out for each other because who the fuck else is going to???????

The “queer teenage girls” bit is unnecessary. “People” would have sufficed.

prime example of people not giving a shit about queer teenage girls lmao

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"While black studies became an institutional and disciplinary formation in mainstream US universities in the 1960s, it has existed since the eighteenth century as a set of intellectual traditions and liberation struggles that have borne witness to the production and maintenance of hierarchical distinctions between groups of humans. Viewed in this light, black studies represents a substantial critique of Western modernity and a sizeable archive of social, political, and cultural alternatives. As an intellectual enterprise, black studies investigates processes of racialization with a particular emphasis on the shifting configurations of black life. If racialization is understood not as a biological or cultural descriptor but as a conglomerate of sociopolitical relations that discipline humanity into full humans, not-quite-humans, and non-humans, then blackness designates a changing system of unequal power structures that apportion and delimit which humans can lay claim to full human status and which humans cannot."
Alexander G. Weheliye, “Introduction: Black Studies and Black Life.” The Black Scholar, Vol. 44, No. 2 (Summer 2014), p. 6 (via antiblacknessisatheory)

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petting a dog and it goes to someone elseimage

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After all, you can only cry so much

Pretty much.

Pretty much


After he’s gone he doesn’t’ exist. Only a nigga that calls women females would want to be mourned after he’s gone.